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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A cut below honesty

So, yesterday I sauntered over to the Returns Desk to see what our lovely customers decided to bring back for a refund.  For the most part these Returns are valid; they bought too much, realized the project was more complicated then they realized, or there's actually a problem with their purchase.  However, about 20% of the Returns are the result of customer stupidity.  In the winter, they bring back paint that's been frozen and tell us there's a problem with the paint... yeah, you let it freeze and now it looks like cottage cheese.
Yesterday a "customer" returned some blinds... real wood slates, saying they were too short.... and they were, I'm certain.  You see, we cut blinds for customers, and those cuts are dependent upon the dimensions the customers give us.  This means that if the customer measures the width of his window incorrectly, thinking it's 29" rather than 30 1/2", we're going to cut the blind too short... and they're going to return it because... well, we cut it wrong.  However, yesterday's customer was really special.  Her blind was cut way too short, and just didn't fit.  And, of course, she didn't want to exchange it for a blind that fit, she just wanted her money back.  When I got the blind back to the department, I opened it up and 'Voila!' it was cut too short.  The problem was that we didn't cut it, the customer did... with a circular saw.

Can you see that black, angular streak, that's where the friction from the saw blade started to burn the wood.  And this customer made 2 separate cuts, one from each side, you can see that because there's a 1/8" ridge next to the char mark.  So, the customer screwed up, and then returned the blind because they screwed up, and had absolutely no problem with no problem in doing so, without understanding that by doing so, they were putting themselves a cut below honesty.


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    1. We all had a really good laugh as this because you can cut your own blinds at home, all you need is a vice and a hand saw but this was customer defined incompetence.

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    1. and the sad thing is that they don't care.