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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New Rug, Bannon busted, and other stuff

So, my Mom's back at Graysonview and more than a little confused.  I had breakfast with my brother this morning and told him that being sent to the hospital is always bad for her; she doesn't understand.  Her Cardiologists say they believe she had heart stress, and so varied her meds.  Sounds ho, ho, ha, ha to me.  Oh, I looked there is a Heart Stress diagnosis, but still, being sent to the hospital because she got a bit wobbly was probably the cause.
Saw this headline about the ACA and had to post it in Facebook.  This must really piss off Conservatives, you know?  They hate anything and everything sourced by Democrats, especially the ACA.  Wow, I wonder what it's like being part of an ever shrinking minority.
Saw that Steve Bannon has been demoted... though they're not calling it a demotion.  In fact, they lied and said he was part of the NSC just to keep his eye on Flynn.  Wouldn't be surprised if he was part of the transitional team's Russian Contingent.  Either that, or his hugely bad advice has finally been scented out as being bullshit.
After breakfast I zipped down to work and bought... a new rug for the living room.  The old was over 5 years old and been through both Lily's and Seig's puppyhoods.  Time for a replacement.  I've been looking for a while nothing caught my eye until this past week.  I walked into the flooring department one morning saw this rug.  At first I thought it was too bold and too busy, but after looking at it for about 3 hours this was the perfect replacement.

And since I didn't go to the gym today, I'll have to go tomorrow in the AM.
Oh, and I'm scheduled to work the next 6 days... well, maybe not.  I have personal time on the books so I may work 3 and then take a personal day.  Mostly it depends upon how my sales figures look.  If they're good enough to skip a day... well, more power to me.


  1. nice rug...better looking than the one on dump's head!

    bannon is probably drunk most of the time.

    if it were not for the ACA, spouse and I would not have insurance (pre-existing conditions). we LOVE the ACA!