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Monday, April 17, 2017

What do Conservatives hate?

Lots of things, most of which are guaranteed by our Constitution.
One of the things they hate more than anything are protests:  they publicly prove that they are not the party of choice and that their policy changes fail when applied to the majority.  But then why should they care about the majority?  This is the 2nd time they've managed to get a Republican into the White House through the electoral college.  And this one's an even bigger idiot then George W.  I mean, one thing you have to say about George W, he didn't lie.  This one lies, daily.  And his supporters don't seem to mind.  That tells you a lot about them, doesn't it, that most likely they lie just as much.  And he flip-flops constantly, depending upon whom is whispering into his ear.
I mean, there were Tax Day protests this past past weekend and he's asking who's paying for them.  The fact that a majority of the people don't like him has yet to sink in... but then I doubt if it will ever sink in because he'd rather lie to himself by telling the world he's popular.  This guy's dumb as shit.
His policies are scatterbrained.  We shoot missiles at Syria, but that's probably a once and done deal.  We drop the "mother of all bombs," with a 1 mile diameter kill zone, and only take out 94.  The fact that this bomb isn't meant for highly mountainous terrain where there are steep hills and valleys didn't seem to occur to anybody.
And there's the possibility he's going to initiate another Korean War because Conservatives like to tell themselves they're military smart.  Wrong, they are as stupid as the Idiot in the White House.  And they hate that.  They want to prove their superiority... and they fail consistently.

Not to be dropped in mountainous terrain
As always, they will never learn.  He will never learn.  And we will pay for their hatred.


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