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Monday, April 4, 2016

Taking the hit on Spring Black Friday

Remember Black Friday?  The day after Thanksgiving?  That one day which is supposed to let retailers reach the pinnacle of their sales?  That one financial holiday which is slowly losing it's luster?  Well, the giant home improvement retailer I work for decided several years ago we should have a Spring Black Friday.  Really, it's just another sale, but they thought if there were some correlation between this sale and the one in November, we could drive sales even higher.  However, they always fail to take into consideration Spring is a transitional season, especially here in the Mid-Atlantic, Northern Tier states.
If you've paid any attention to the weather lately, you'll notice that our part of the country is still getting spring snows.  This sale, when they want you to go out and buy all your gardening supplies for the spring, your lawn furniture, and your brand new grills starts Thursday.  Wednesday night the temperatures are supposed to drop into the mid-twenties, well below freezing.  Saturday, when they've chosen to have a one day paints sale, the temperature is only supposed reach the mid-forties.
And, of course, they increase our sales plan because the weather should not effect your sales.

This Spring Black Friday also means I've got a crappy schedule.  Like Friday I have to stay until midnight making sure the department looks great for Saturday for the paint sale which, it just so happens, is unadvertised.  And the paint sale is very, very good.  But unless you're in the store, you're not going to know about it - we don't even have signage.  The marketing idea is to have people show up for 11 days straight to see what the big sale item is for that particular day....
Anyway, people who get paid a lot more then I do make these decisions.  I'm just here to take the hit if I don't make plan.


  1. The first time I heard it I thought it sounded ridiculous and and that they were trying what too hard. I think they should have called it Green Friday, people would have made the connection and connecting Green instead of Black to Spring and Summer really should be a no brainer. I never thought out how illogical (difficult) it is to have a national starting time for a sale when there are 7 or more growing zones.

    1. Black Friday = aisles full of junk

      Spring Black Friday = aisles half full of junk... and sometimes we have snow. Yesterday, in the nick of time, we found out our Pansies freeze, so they all to be brought into the greenhouse. Early this morning it was Pansyland.

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