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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Not buying the Ford

Well, it's time for me to get a new car... not because my CR-V is shot, nope, not at all.  What I tend to do is lease a car and if I like it, buy at the end of the lease.  I did this first back in '98 with a Saturn, the first year they came out with what they called a 'luxury sedan.'  I really liked that car, and kept it until 2010.  That was a bad year for Saturns.  GM, which had purchased Saturn a while back, needed to be bailed out by the US Government.  And, of course, after they'd bought Saturn they'd started to put GM parts into it which meant if it need repairs, parts were going to be a problem.  So, I traded it in on a Honda Insight, which I leased.  There was a difference this time, however.  I hated the car.  Oh, sure, it test drove well and the mileage was good, but I didn't like sitting with my ass 15 inches over the road.  So, when that lease was over I switched to the CR-V.  This car is the most popular compact SUV in the country.  And mine is fully loaded.  I have no problem hauling around 2 full sized Boxers.  Except, I hate.  There's a lot of road noise (something that had been brought up in the reviews I'd read).  I don't like the fact that the interior is black, it shows every bit of dog drool.  And after 3 years, I don't find the ride all that comfortable.
So, I'm looking for a new car.  Possibly this one:

That's right, it's a 2017 Subaru.  This is what the interior looks like:

which is fine with me.
I also checked out a Nissan (which is actually owned by Renault) and that car too was very nice.  In fact, right now the decision lies somewhere between the Subaru and the Nissan.  I did drive another CR-V, same problems, and, of course, the salesman said "I don't work on commission so all prices are set," which isn't true.
Ford was another dealership I checked out because both the Edge and the Escape get decent reviews.  Unfortunately the salesman was a fat, lazy turd of a man.  He said,"I can order what ever you want in a 2017, do you want to take one for a drive?"  I said "yes," and waited while he slowly lumbered back into the dealership for the keys.  And then waited as he slowly lumbered back to where I was in the parking lot.  A horn sounded as he pressed the fob and he turned towards the sound and groaned, "oh, we can't take that one, it's still in its shipping packaging,  I have the keys for a 2016 in my pocket, if you want, you can take one of those for a drive.  It's the same thing."  Idiot.  I did take one for a drive, and while riding in the car with me he tried to create chit-chat by asking where I worked.  When I told him, he said, "oh, you should know me.  I just bought 13 gallons of paint there to paint the inside of my house."  So, I asked him which paint since we sell several brands and he replied, "oh, indoor paint."  Super Idiot.  I'm not buying the Ford.


  1. My in-laws have two Subarus, one has over 285,000 the other over 240,000 and both are going strong. I find most Nissan Altima drivers to be the rudest most aggressive drivers.

    1. I'm actually leaning towards the Subaru, it's trim package has more bang for the buck.