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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just call him Rafael, also Fallout 4 mods

I'm off... actually, I took some vacation time and... of course, I got a text this AM asking if I wanted to go in and work, and... of course, I said I was busy.  It's not that I'm not loyal, I just need some time off, in fact I haven't had more then two days off since September.
This morning I was checking out all of the primary election results in Pennsylvania and had a good laugh.  You see, I looked at both the Democrat and the Republican tickets.  When I looked at the Republican results I saw that Trump really won big time in PA, but then I see this other candidate named Rafael.  Rafael?  Who the hell is that?  I didn't know there was a Rafael running for president... and then I saw his last name:  Cruz.  What a joke. he doesn't use his given name.  No way is he going to be known as Rafael.  Nope, he's Ted (short for Edward).  Of course, his father's name is also Rafael so maybe they thought two of them might confuse people.  Or it could be that he thinks Rafael sounds too Latino for politics, especially Republican politics.  This guy is not only a phony, he's a joke.

They're here...
And finally, and even more funner then finding out Ted is really Rafael, Fallout 4 mods are here.  What are mods?  Bethesda is one of those rare game studios which release tools for fans to actually modify the game.  In Skyrim, for example, one of the mods put hot-tubs in all of the Inns.  Some of mods available for Fallout 4 let you turn all of the players into hot guys, or hot chicks.  There's one that turns the map you look at into a Google Earth image of Boston.  You can change the music if you want.  Imagine listening to an opera by Verde as you blow up super-mutants, or chop the heads off of feral ghouls.  Neat, huh?  Right now the mods are only available for those playing the PC version.  Ain't life great?


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