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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Big Seig and Lilly weigh in on the ridiculous

Well, here it is Wednesday and I'm supposed to be at work however I'm not because my schedule was changed.  Someone decided that I needed to close the store today in order to insure that all of the "Spring Black Friday" signage was set.  What that actually did was give me 24 hours off between shifts, which isn't bad.  Of course, it's cold outside - daily temperatures are only supposed to warm into the mid-forties.  On Saturday, which is supposed to be the biggest day of this event, and the day of my paint sale, they're forecasting cold with snow and rain showers all day.
Anyway, I cooked up a couple of bones for the dogs (Big Seig and Lilly) so their quietly gnawing away.

Lilly's on the left and weighs in at a petite 56 lbs, Big Seig (there's a reason he's called that) will be 16 months old on the 24th and tops the scale at a hefty 110 lbs (big for a Boxer).  They could care less about what's going on outside.  When I ask them what they think about the idiots down in Mississippi they look quite confused, as if to say "what in hell is Missisppi."  And when I explain that it has the highest drop out rate, and the highest poverty level, they turn away and look for their bones.  And mentioning Tennessee legislating to have the Bible made the official state book doesn't even get me a sideways glance.  Big Seig and Lilly know what's important and what's bitterly ridiculous.


  1. Pets always know what's best, what's right, what's wrong!

  2. They are both adorable!!!! That is HUGE for a Boxer. Good grief. I plan to paint my place here soon. Today would have been a good day to go get the paint, but other plans are underway.