I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Primary Day in PA

It's Primary day here in Pennsylvania.  We have a lot of delegates to offer and the selection process for some is... well, a bit odd.  You see we vote for some of them.  That's right.  But not all of them. And it tells you right on the ballot to which candidate they are committed.  This is a bit odd, you know?  I mean you can vote for one candidate and then vote for delegates who are supporting a different candidate.  And our primary is closed.  You need to be registered either Democrat or Republican and you can't vote for the other party.  So, if you're a Democrat who's mutated into a Trumplodite, you would have needed to change your party affiliation in order to vote for Donald.

This entitles me to publicly voice my opinions
I asked the guy who keyed up my voting machine if the polls had been busy and, surprisingly, he said "yes."  And as he said this, a Trumplodite walked in.  How do I know the guy was a Trumplodite?  Well, he was over weight and stretching out to the max a T-shirt that read 'Guns-R-Us.  He also said he'd "never voted before."  Oh, and he asked "How does this thing work?"  I suspect the idea of using a touch-screen to vote pretty much brought him into the 21st Century, at least momentarily.  Of course, I might be wrong.  He might actually have been  Kasich supporter who just dresses like a slob and wears politically incorrect T-shirts.... nah, it was a Trumplodite.


  1. you should have seen the rump knuckle-dragger outside my polling place. he said to me "vote for trump!" I said back "I ain't that fucking stupid!"

    my polling place was busy too.