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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ab Fab Fail

Well, the trailer for the Ab Fab movie dropped yesterday and, of course, it sent some people into a swoon.  Not me.  Way back when the show was airing I had friends who thought it was hysterical.  Not me.  Not that I didn't watch a couple of episodes, maybe 2 or 3, thinking that I might too find the humor in two drunks.  Couldn't find it.  That's right, I was not part of the niche audience who fell in love with Edina and Patsy.  And now they've made a movie.  Who cares?  Not me.
A lot of people watched it.  One of the things I found most interesting were all the comments about the number of cameos...  So, are they trying to sell a movie, or the cameos in the movie?  And if it's the cameos that are so important, well, how unimportant is the movie?  Or better yet, how bad is it?  I'm suspecting it will make a lot of money the first weekend it's released and then rather quickly die off.  But then it's the first weekend's box office that's important, isn't it?  If it makes $20 million when it opens... well, probably everybody is more then a little richer.

Who cares?
There were some comments from people who said they couldn't wait to see it.  But there were also other comments, those from people like me.  Someone on Towleroad queried "is this supposed to be funny?" which totally echoed my sentiments.  Not that there aren't people out there who will think it's the greatest, and will probably go so far as to buy it for their video library.  Not me.

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