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Saturday, March 2, 2024

They Look Away

 It's Saturday, and I'm not in a park, and it's definitely not the 4th of July.  Outside, there is rain.  This is what we call a soaker.  A slow steady drizzle that's going to hang around most of the day.  This is Spring weather.  They used to say "April showers bring May flowers, however last year we had showers throughout March, April, and May with the sun finally putting a regular appearance in June.  I can't wait to see how it plays out this year.

Yesterday was pretty meh.  I did get a nice fast walk in on the treadmill.  

My neighbors were loud most of the day.  She warned 3 times after they moved in that they were loud, and since there is no insulation in the wall separating our 2 houses, I hear them.  Sadly, they don't like it when I'm a little loud, and this past Thursday evening I watched Halo and while the dialog is quiet, the action sequences are loud.  They will just have to deal with that the same way I deal with her playing the radio loud when she cleans, or them yelling at each other.  This is how life works.

As I go through The Body in the Tower to prep the manuscript for audio, I find that I'm editing it once again.  Some of the changes are small, words get changed to give a more precise meaning, and some things are being excised because they just aren't needed.  Once this is done, I will republish the updated version; ebook in Barnes & Noble and Amazon, paperback in Amazon.

And I saw this and thought it very appropriate.

One of the things that does piss me off is the way the media picks up on every slip of the tongue that Biden makes, while ignoring the incoherent word salad spilling from Trump's mouth.  The Guardian reported that Biden confused Gaza with the Ukraine, that was one of their headlines, yet they totally ignored Trump spewing out about languages coming into this country.  He does this quite often, sputtering out nonsensical gibberish because his mind has lost focus.  Trump does this frequently, and too often the media looks away, especially the print media.  There seems to be a terrible lack of responsibility in their reporting.  A day doesn't go by when they aren't publishing some sort of poll and the sad thing is that many Americans still believe polls. The New York Times is having big problems with this, thinking that headlines regarding Biden's age are going to generate subscriber interest.  They don't.  Almost everyday I go into Threads and see that someone has cancelled their subscription.  If they don't stop looking away, and Trump manages to get elected, it will too, too late for them.


  1. That Biden nitpicking also pisses me off.
    Thing 45 cannot create a coherent sentence and yet even the so-called liberal media ignores it.

    1. I believe the not nitpicking is their way of creating drama, which lets them clicks on the Internet, and that's their only goal.

  2. Not only does the dump spew gibberish...and is talking just to talk....but he never answers the question asked of him....and as with all other 1.231.510 things never get questioned. The media is just as bad.