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Wednesday, March 13, 2024


 Well, it's going to be another warm sunny day in Central PA.  Temps in the mid 60s (F) is fine with me, though I do wonder what this summer is going to be like.  Possibly hot?  Who knows.  Last year we had a similar spring and the dog days of summer were anything but steamy.  Hitting the upper 90s (F) was the hottest it got, and that only happened a few times.

So, Lily is once again a downstairs dog.  She went downstairs this morning and began panting heavily again.  Now, she's laying down and her breathing is normal.  This happened to Biggie, too.  There's a certain point in an old dog's life when stairs are no longer possible.  One of the things I didn't know about boxers is that they are prone to heart disease and either climbing a staircase, or going down one, leads to undo exertion.  My first boxer, Gertie, died of a heart attack when she was 5 1/2 years old. Is she becoming an invalid?  Probably.  And so I'm going to have to start asking myself at what point has the quality of her life deteriorated to the point that we need to make that last trip to the vet.

Yesterday, as is the case on most Tuesdays after I work the weekend, was a day in which things were done, but not everything on my to do list.  The kitchen windows have been cleaned, inside and out, and the new valances arrived; they need to be washed before they're hung.

Late this afternoon I'm going to an informal Marriott reunion of sorts.  This is the 2nd one I'm going to and will probably be the last.  The days I spent in that accounting department were 40 years ago and, except for seeing one or two of the people, I really have little desire to reunite with most of them.  

And I thought this was appropriate now that Trump is the official GOP candidate.

This has long been a problem for Republicans.  Seriously.  They believe their opinions are the only ones that count.  You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know the truth in the above statement and yet Republicans seem totally oblivious.  Now keep in mind, in their tiny minds, the only fair elections are those in which they win, everything else is fake.

And Ken Buck, another Republican in Congress is retiring... next week.  That's fast.  Usually, unless there are health issues with either themselves or their families, they serve out their entire term.  When he leaves, the razor thin Republican majority will be sliced even thinner.  This is how it goes.


  1. More republicans need to step down....there are many past there expiration date that's for sure. Party of out dated views and dinosaurs.

    1. That will not happen because then they'd have to get jobs.

  2. Buk quitting so quickly is also bad for Lauren Gropert, which is an added bonus!

    I love that meme though the MAGAts won't get it.

    1. No, they won't. And will there be more resignations? According to Buck, yes. Is this how Republicans will kill the cult? Hhhm, there is that possibility.

    2. Supposedly 4 or 5 more Republicans are ready to call it quits.
      And the ones that leave are being denounced as Rino's by the Magats.
      It's like a page out of Stalin's Russia and his 1930's party purges, when denunciations were commonplace, and paranoia took over. -Rj

    3. Times have changed since Stalin, and every time one quits, the wackos look crazier to the voting public. They are a minority group that's shrinking.

  3. I'm sorry to hear this about Lily. I know you'll take good care of her and do the right thing for her, but it's hard. Take care.

  4. Oh no!
    Not Lily! Maybe it was just temporary? I think you're going to have to keep a Lily diary of sorts to see how she's doing with day to day activities. How old is she?
    And the Repugs will have Cheeto hanging from their neck until the day he's shipped to prison. And even then!
    Doesn't it sound that it'd be ok for Uncle Joe to just STAY as president if they declare that Cheeto could do as he pleased as president????
    MAGAt logic is very shaky...


    1. Lily is a senior boxer and doesn't understand that she can't do everything she did 2 months ago.
      And Conservatives never think, will never understand, that's why they need to be voted into extinction.

  5. I hope Lily has a good few happy and healthy years ahead of her!!