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Friday, March 15, 2024

Squeaky Clean

 Yesterday we got up to the upper 70s (F), the thermometer in the car listed the temp as being 77 (F).  Today we're back in the mid t0 upper 60s (F) and if the long range forecast is correct, we're definitely going to be seeing closer to normal early spring temps.  That doesn't mean everything that has started to bud and bloom is going to stop.  It's too late for that to happen.  Today, showers are expected.  

I was watching Death is in the Details on Hulu on and off for a while.  Last night I watched the last episode and was disappointed.  The reveal of who the villain was intended to be a shocker, I thought it was a cheat.  There was nothing clever about it.  I read that the producers were optimistic about a 2nd season, let's hope they're wrong.

The invalid old lady downstairs is doing fine, by that I mean Lily.  I suspect her biggest problem is the boobly cyst on her wrist, which is swollen, and pains her to walk.  Other wise she's alert, watching me constantly when I'm at my writing desk, and eating.  She has a good appetite, and drinks, and goes outside to do her business, but then it's back onto the sofa in the writing room where she perches herself on pillows to rule the world.  An email (with pics) has been sent to the mobile vet who's on vacation until Monday.  What I find surprising is there's only one in the area.  I'm definitely not living in a "All Creatures Great and Small" area.

Thanks to the warm temps and the rain, things are budding and blooming.  The peach tree I cut back wioll soon be filled with blossoms.  The nectarine?  Dead as a doornail.   Here's a pic that I took.

And I just got a news flash, probably the same one a lot of you just received.  Fanni Willis can stay on the case down in Georgia, but she's going to have to dump the Chief Prosecutor.  She's a smart cookie, so I'm sure she and her team were prepared for all possibilities.  That being said, I also have to admit that she wasn't smart enough to manage her hormonal urges.  Honestly, I did believe someone in her position would have realized that when dealing with any Trump related case even the slightest appearance of impropriety could be catastrophic.  You would have though she'd have realized that with these trials being so high profile, squeaky clean was the only way to go.

Also, Trump's porno suit has been delayed for 30 days, too.  Whispers say that a bit of evidence has been unearthed proving Cohen to be totally unreliable.  Again, that wouldn't surprise me.  Even though he's been telling anyone and everyone that he's cleaned up his act, let's face it, he worked for Trump, doing his dirty work, for years.  He will never be squeaky clean.


  1. Ohhh I have that series in my queue.
    I love me some Mandy Patinkin and whodunits. I will still watch, though.
    Fanni should have known better. Tricky Cheeto was gonna unearth an unpaid manicure and use it against her. But now we move on.
    And as for the Stormy issue, I read the DOJ (?) just literally submitted some stuff that needed to be in ages ago? People are mad at Garland.
    And hopefully they'll figure out what's going on with Lily and that boobly cyst!


    1. If you're going to watch it, prepare yourself, there's some graphic lesbian sex scenes, two straight sex scene, but no mano et mano scenes. And it does seem that Garland keeps dropping the ball over and over again.

  2. Michael Cohen is trying to salvage his image and he's far too late for that.
    You're right about Fami; if you're going after a big fish make sure you are squeaky clean.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, and it seems the Justice Department's to blame for this one. Many, many are blaming Merrick Garland.

  4. I don't think anyone lives in an All Creatures Great and Small world any more which, I'm sure, is such a shame in many respects!

    1. Sadly, you're right. In today's world consideration has a cost.