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Sunday, December 17, 2023


 Is everybody sleeping in on the cloudy Sunday?  Looking at the weather maps, I'd say cloudiness is hanging over most of the eastern seaboard, from Florida up to New York.  For those in the northeastern states?  Don't worry, it's coming your way and it's bringing with it a lollapalooza amount of rain.  We here in Central PA are under a "flood watch," with up to 3 inches of rain expected (in certain areas, since those rain bands can not be counted on to dump equal amounts everywhere).

And, as expected, yesterday was slow in the retail world...  Well, our hardware and garden departments were busy.  We did have a lot of Lookie Lous, though.  You know who I'm talking about, those individuals who wander through, looking at our products, and asking questions, knowing full well they have absolutely no interest in an installation.  We did sell $800 of artificial grass to someone who's son had just bought a home and there was no yard, evidently dog urine had killed off all the grass.  We have a number of people who do that, put in the fake stuff.  

I saw this neato picture of Delphi this morning and thought that I should probably print it off as a reference for my next project, The Body in History.  This is the Tholos at Delphi, what it probably looked back then, and what it looks like today.

And for those who haven't heard, Moms for Liberty has run into a host of problems these fascist women never thought would happen; that often happens when you embrace your hatred of things you can't control.  And it's not only Bridgit Ziegler's three ways causing the problems.  This past election cycle they got their butts whipped by American voters.  Their candidates lost something like 78% of their races.  Rejection is a terrible thing to have to deal with, I'm enjoying the rejection handed to the Moms for Liberty.

And I some a headline that Trump quoted Putin in a speech.  No surprise there.  And no Republicans called him on it.  Again, no surprise.  These people do not care about what happens to America as long as they can be in power.

Update on the weather, it's begun to rain.


  1. Well it can rain all once as far as I'm concerned. I'll be home today making pecan crescents, black walnut balls and I'll be ending the day making little mini mince pies.

    1. It didn't rain all at once, but it did stick around all day.

  2. We were gonna get smacked by the rain, or so they said.
    It's been raining all day, but just steady, not hard, and little wind.
    Of course it forces me to stay inside and drink Wassail with red wine and brandy!

    1. We had what we call soaking rains most of the day, though we have torrential downpours lasting 15 - 20 minutes as well.

  3. The storm is with me in Northeast Florida. It's very windy and my backyard is flooded. I'm thrilled about all the losses to Moms For Liberty, who don't have anything to do with liberty.


  4. Greece is just beautiful isn't it!!! Stunning picture!