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Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Yesterday was dry, today it's going to be wet.  Isais has arrived in Central PA.  If this forecast holds true, Anne Marie in Philly will get around 2 inches, here in Harrisburg we should get about 4.  When you're talking about rain, 4 inches is a lot.

I tried to get the dogs to go out before the deluge arrives... Biggie doesn't like to get wet.  Because he's a good dog, eventually he will go out.  I keep a large towel waiting for just such occasions.  
My ride yesterday was in West Cork, Ireland, along the Atlantic coast in a place called Skibbereen.  It was very nice, but very hilly, and we know how much I love hills.

So far this year I've ridden 1490 miles, only 1010 more to hit my goal of 2500, and I'm actually ahead of where I'm supposed to be.
I saw where the Idiot Jerk called Birx pathetic because she refused to bear false witness about the pandemic.  Because it's now everywhere, people will get sick and die everywhere.  Where the virus goes, his poll numbers drop.  He will keep on lying about this, to do otherwise would make him culpable of so much death.  
Oh, and in case you didn't see, a little more information was released yesterday regarding the investigation into the Idiot Jerk's finances.  Bank and Insurance fraud... oooohhhh.  I always suspected there was more to this then just hooker payoffs.  And it's not just him.  There was an information drop about Ivanka Danka and her mealy mouthed husband, something about executives from Deutsche Bank and a property they had purchased.  The Idiot Jerk's family has gotten some serious loans from Deutsche Bank, just in case you didn't know.  Dear me, it looks like some serious rain is going to be falling on their parade.


  1. Mafia family.

    We got edges of the hurricane last night. Not so windy, but a bit of much needed rain.

    1. We got a lot of rain, no wind. And Mafia family is too, too kind.

  2. we have been getting dumped on since 5a. right now all is quiet and the rain is light. but my neighbor's back yard looks like a lake. and lucky for us that we don't live near a creek.

    1. All I got as steady, fairly heavy rain for abut 6 hours and now it's sunny.

  3. Deustche Bank is gonna be their downfall. The idiot’s lawyers didn’t see this one coming.
    Did you watch his interview in Axios? Bumbling idiot is right. And I hope the rain is not too bad. We won’t get any until Sunday, I think.


    1. I do believe they thought they were too sly.

      I didn't see the interview, but lots of segments are being posted, all of them making him look bad. What can I say? It is what it is.