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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The vicious circle of insurance fraud

I thought I'd do a quick jot before I go to work regarding Insurance Fraud.  There are 2 types: the first is perpetrated by individuals scamming Insurance companies and the 2nd is perpetrated by the companies themselves.  And, surprisingly enough, I have an example of both... in regards to the same individual.
Let me call this person Barb, and let's say she happens to be one of my associates.  Anyway, this past summer Barb came storming up to the paint desk in a tizzy.  Her husband's employer had just told him that since she works full time and can get her own insurance, well, that's what she needs to do.  They're not going to insure her anymore.  And, of course, they put the blame on Obamacare.  Of course, that's pure fraud.  His insurance company is just cheaping it out.  If Barb gets sick, her husband's insurance company doesn't want to take the hit; let that expense fall to her insurance.
And, of course, Barb does have health issues, which is why I'm referencing her.  When I transferred from the Carlisle Store to the Mechanicsburg Store she was out on Leave of Absence.  She had managed to break her foot and was supposed to be out for 2 months (?) which turned into 5 months, with multiple doctor visits.  Interestingly enough, during the time she was off the job, I'd seen Barb at my neighborhood Giant supermarket several times.  Each time I saw her, she said "I'm supposed to be wearing this boot but I hate it so I don't wear it."  She only actually came back to work when her disability insurance ran out.

This past August, Barb too 3 weeks LOA because she needed to have surgery.  She has / had trigger thumb???
And then two weeks ago she fell in her kitchen baking cookies and broke her ankle, and now she's going to be off for (she says) 6-8 weeks, but my guess it will be closer to 4 months.  When Barb has an injury she takes full advantage of her insurance, sometimes not being the most honest in order to take time off from work, and so she commits fraud.
It's a vicious circle.  People like Barb run up insurance bills that are unnecessary in order to stay home, and Insurance companies blame Obamacare in order to get these free loaders  off their expense report.  Wouldn't it be nice if insurance companies became more honest and transparent and people like Barb were actually penalized?

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