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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mountains of snow

For those who've been wondering where I've been, well, we've had mountains of snow here in Central Pennsylvania.

In Harrisburg, we got about 30 inches (+ or -) a couple of tenths depending where you lived.  And because I work for a major home retailer that makes mucho grande buckos from selling snow blowers and shovels and salt, I had to work.  Every day, that is, except Saturday because they didn't want me driving in 'white out conditions.'  Anyway, I did start to shovel myself out late Saturday afternoon so I could make it to work on Sunday, and that was a good thing, not because I could get to work, but because all of my neighbors used my cleared driveway as a parking spot while they dug out their driveways.  This is what the house across the street looks like on Monday morning, before I went to work.

Anyway, the dogs liked it until the 'white outs' started, then it was like "hey, I ain't going out in that shit."

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  1. looks like my house; 30 inches here also (I live in the philly burbs).