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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cancer in Kentucky

Evidently more people are diagnosed with and die of Cancer in Kim Davis' home state of Kentucky.
Not only that, the newly elected Governor feels there should be no minimum wage; he thinks Mississippi's got it right.  Oh, and the state which has the 2nd highest death rate from Cancer is (drum roll please) Mississippi.  In fact, if you look at this graphic you'll see that death rates from Cancer are higher in Republican controlled states... hhmm, makes you wonder if there isn't some connection, and while there are a lot of Krazy Kristians in this country, their kraziness tends to be higher in these states.  Take Judge Roy Moore, for example:  here's a 68 year old Krazy Kristian who happens to also be a Krazy Republican as well as a Krazy Judge, and he's from Alabama, and their death rate from Cancer is also high.
Or, the reason could be that these states just have shitty health care.  Many of these states damned the Affordable Health Care Act from here to hell and back.  Thank you Republicans for making it your priority to gut it as much as possible.  Evidently you don't care enough about your Cancer mortality rate to be concerned.

Anyway, I think there much irony in the fact that more people die of Cancer in Kim Davis' state then any other state in the union.  Maybe that's why she found Jesus at her mother-in-law's funeral.  She did say that she "wants to live forever with Jesus," however there is no certainty in that statement.  The sad truth is that she's still going to die.  Nothing's going to stop that.  She's still going to be boxed up in a coffin and dropped into a hole in the ground.  And because she lives in Kentucky, the odds are higher that her death is going to be caused by Cancer.

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