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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl = Retail Failure

Well, I get to work today and right now I'm going to make a prediction that sales are going to be pretty dismal.  Why?  Well, we have another snow system moving into the area.  Forecasts are for another 4 to 7 inches of snow.  Oh, and that snow is supposed to transition into freezing rain for a bit and then back to snow.  Weather wise, today is going to be a mess.  While there are some people who venture out in bad weather to shop, most stay home.  Oh, and there's one other thing.  Today is also Super Bowl Sunday.

True, you do have those none football fans who don't watch the game or go to a party, and normally they might decided to go shopping, however we have this bad weather coming into town.  For a couple of years they tried doing a Super Bowl Sunday shop-a-thon in an attempt to get people into the stores, but it was never too successful.  As a result, most of the associates scheduled today will stand around twiddling their thumbs.  Total sales will most likely be equal those we get on New Year's Day.  Unless you're in the food business, or booze business, Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally a bad day for cash registers.

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