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Friday, February 6, 2015

Mixed scheduling and straight candles

I have a mid-shift today, which doesn't bother me.  I don't mind closings, either.  What I do dislike more then anything is openings because I need to get up at 0330.  This is to insure I have several mugs of coffee before I get to the store.  You would think being a department manager would entitle be to a more set schedule, but it doesn't, and for me openings are the worst.  What's sad is I have two associates who would nothing better then to be schedule morning shifts... for ever.  They love them.  Both of them hate closings.  As a result I've been working to get some sort of stability in the scheduling process.  From what I understand, at some point in this year, we will be going to some sort of fixed schedules.  I can't wait.
Neither can the dogs.  The other morning I was sitting in the bedroom putting on my shoes when Lilly jumped onto the bed  It did not take long for Gertie show up at glare at her.  There is some jealousy between the two.

I showed this pic to some friends and one of them kindly remarked "your candles are crooked."  To which I replied, "they're straight enough for me."

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