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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Silly Questions

Working at a paint desk which is centrally located in the store, a lot of people stop by and ask questions.  Some of them are in regard to product location.  Many of these we can answer.  Some of them are fix-it questions, such as 'how do you fix the broken slat on a futon?'  People with these questions are usually directed to a specific department.  And then we get the silly questions.  Now I'm not talking about uninformed paint questions - we get a lot of those and have no problem both answering and educating.  I'm talking about just plain stupid questions.  Here's an example from yesterday.  This large woman came up to the paint desk and asked "are your restrooms still in the back of the store?"

We all stood silent for a few seconds,smart ass answers dashing through our heads.  Now I know department stores will occasionally move departments, but we're a big box home improvement store.  And she wasn't asking about departments, she was asking about restrooms.  And evidently she'd been to the store before, and had used the restrooms before, since she knew they were located in the back of the building.  I was the first to respond and all I said was "yepper."  What else could I say?  

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