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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday VS the Winter Storm Warning

Winter Storm Warning!

Yep, and we're right in the middle of it with the forecasters predicting 4 -8 inches of snow.  In fact, it's snowing right now, however the flakes are the size of golf balls and melting as soon as they hit.  I suspect, in the end, we'll get about 2 inches of slush.  That'll suit me just fine since I'm supposed to go to work this afternoon.  Don't know how long I'll stay since the Winter Storm Warning! will insure the only retailers busy today are going to be the supermarkets.  You know, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and nearly everybody who's cooking has waited until the last minute to do their shopping.  Grocery stores will be packed and by 6 or 7 this evening their shelves will be picked clean.  Also, don't forget, there is this Winter Storm Warning!  There is that group of people who hear those 3 words and feel compelled to stock up on bread and milk.  Me?  I went to the store yesterday and bought milk because I was running low.  I didn't buy bread because I rarely eat it.  If I get a craving for it, I can always whip up a batch of drop biscuits.

Anyway, I am scheduled to working from 4 - 10 PM, mostly to place signage for Friday morning.  I already know that when I walk in the front door, this is what I'll see:

lots and lots of black plastic.  Normally it stays on until black Friday morning, and then it gets trashed just before they open the doors.  They keep it covered because prices for all of the special deals will not get loaded into the system until sometime Thursday night.  You don't want to deal with an irate customer who feels he should get the discounted price early.  So everything is kept wrapped up. 

Hopefully, most of what I'm expected to do this evening will be done by the time I get there, or at least be well on the way to being completed.  I don't really want to stay until 10.

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