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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fitness in one and two syllables

I had the 15 months service done on my car this morning.  Originally I planned to have it done last week, and had made the appointment for early in the morning.  However, when I showed up there were 7 other cars there already.  Still, I was early, and I did have an appointment.  When I told this to the attendant he said "all of these people are here for service."  So I repeated "I have an appointment."  And he repeated "all of these people are here for service," to which I replied, "I can't sit here and wait for 2 hours."  His response was "I can open the garage door so you can leave," which is what I did.  I don't make appointments so I can sit and wait.  Making customers wait defeats the purpose of having the make appointments.  So... I complained to the Honda Dealer.  I learned a long time ago that complaining to anybody else accomplishes nothing.  And I made another appointment for this morning at 7:00 AM.  And, of course, I got express service and was in and out in 35 minutes.

Anyway, they provide certain amenities for the customers who wait, like free coffee, and popcorn, and, of course, magazines to read.  This was the selection on the table in front of where I sat.

I did not pick the Deer Hunter magazine, nor did I pick the Cosmo.  I did, however, take the Fitness and started leafing through the pages.  For those who've never looked at one, at least 90% of the content is Supplement ads; page after page after page.  The articles are written with simple one and two syllable words.  One that caught my eye was "Cycling causes Erectile Dysfunction."  I ride bicycle and have never had this problem.  And, of course, the article actually said that some men, over 50 years of age, who go on bicycle rides over 50 miles in length, have occasionally reported this problem, but that there was no substantial proof that this was true. That's when I realized it was only filler taking up space between Supplement ads.   The headline should have been enough to warn me it was just fluff, it included the word 'dysfunction' and that's 3 syllables.    

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