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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Steal this

Lucky me, I'm getting a new Ipod Nano... well, only kind of lucky... well, actually not lucky at all.  You see I had a very nice silver Ipod, 32G, and it got a lot of use.  The operative word here is 'had.'  It was always in either one of two places: my car or on the Bose Ipod player in the living room.  Thursday, when I had my first day off in quite some time, I went to visit my Mom.  As is always the case, when I got in the car I turned on some tunes... or tried to.  I got an error message which notified me that the Ipod was not connected.  Not connected?  I opened up the cubby where it normally sits and... it was gone.  Vanished!  I thought "well, maybe I left it at home," though I was fairly sure this was not the case.  It wasn't.  At that point I pretty well knew what had happened, but I wasn't going to rush to any conclusions, so I did a search.  Everywhere.  I even went so far as to pull the sofa front, and check behind all the cushions, just to make sure one of the dogs hadn't thought they'd gotten a brand, new shiny toy.  No Ipod.

At that point certainty set in.

Shipping Monday

You see on Monday morning, when I went to work, I shoved the Ipod into my pocket to take out to the car, however, don't ask me why, I didn't leave it in the car.  In fact, I'd forgotten it was in my pocket until I was in the building.  No problem, I thought, I can leave it in my locker.  So I put it in my locker, putting it right at the front so I'd remember to take it with me.  Now my locker has lock but I never lock it because I never keep anything of value there, (you know where this is going, don't you?).  And at the end of the day, I threw my apron in my locker and went home, without the Ipod... because it was no longer there.  Now I know I should have locker my locker, but I'll be honest, it never occurred to me one of my fellow associates would be a thief.  And, since I do have a lock and it wasn't locked, I don't have any legal recourse.

My only option was to buy a new Ipod.  This one's a Nano, 7th generation, the case is space gray.  

As for the old one, it has a lot of German stuff on it, and even more French stuff (M. Pokora), the last 4 Kaiser Chief albums, and a lot of Linkin Park.  Nothing Pop.  Nothing Top 10.  And nothing you can really dance to, well I might be able to but most people wouldn't.  Hopefully it will broadening someone's horizo

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