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Friday, August 8, 2014

Solving the fan deck dilemma

Busy day today.  I accomplished much, including a long walk with the girls.  They love their walks.  I also dropped some clothing off at the Mechanicsburg Community Aid.  Pants, mostly, those with the 32 inch waistline I will never see again.  We all tend to hold onto clothing believing someday it will fit us the way it once did.  The odds of that happening a rare as hen's teeth.  Besides, I find it rather embarrassing to think I once wore elephant bell bottoms and platform heels. On the way home I stopped off at my local Sherwin Williams Paint store to say 'Hi' to Mike, the manager.  Now I know there are people out there thinking Sherwin Williams is my competitor.  Not really.  Unless you're a contractor, they're expensive.  A lot of people pick their colors and have them mixed in Behr paint for this very reason.  This makes me his competitor, or would if his store was closer to my store.  It isn't.  Last week one of those odd things happened.  One of his customers wanted Behr colors (you have no idea how rare that is).  Anyway, as a result, he had to stop by my store to buy paint testers so he could  do a color match because he didn't have a fan deck.

This is a fan deck

Fan decks are an expensive commodity.  We give them to contractors because they buy a lot of paint.  Private party's rarely get to see one since they run about $70.  We used to be able to sell them to customers but not any more.  You sell more paint if the customer actually comes into the store to look at colors.  Give them a fan deck and they'll sit at home paging through it, and then they'll set it aside and do something else.  Anyway, I gave him a fan deck.

As I said, I stopped by his store today and he gave me a T-shirt.  That was very nice of him, even if I can't wear it in public.  

The gift

What would people think?  Anyway, I have some very nice Behr Paint hats.  They give them to me every time I go to one of their training seminars.  So, I think that probably next Tuesday I'll give him something he can't wear in public.  Think of it as tit for tat.  At least I feel good knowing I solved his fan deck dilemma.  

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