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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chase Sucks!

When I opened my email this morning I saw I had received one from Chase - I have my credit card through them.  They send me monthly notifications since I no longer receive paper statements.  It's rare if there's a balance carrying over from month to month so normally I just do an online payment.  This month, however, I am going to be carrying a balance forward thanks to the new phone $600 (to replace the one the dog chewed up), $387 for a plumbing issue, and $150 for the new Ipod to replace the one which vanished.  So today I really did look at my online statement.  Holy shit!  They're charging me 17.24% interest.  The last time I looked it was 12.7%.  My credit rating is outstanding.  I know this because last year, when I purchased my fairly expensive CR-V the deal gave me a copy of my credit report.  Like 93% of the country rate lower then I do.  That's right, I'm in the top 7%.  Anyway, since I'm going to have to pay an interest payment, I wanted to find out why it was going to be higher then I was expecting.  I called Chase.

Pay us more money!

I was told that I "was receiving the lowest APR I could get at this time."  My credit rating, so I was told, has nothing to do with it, nor does the fact that I rarely carry much of a balance.  I was also told by the Customer Service Rep that "we are trying to get you a lower rate, and we may be able to get you a lower rate in six months time, however right now there's nothing they can do."  And I'm sitting there listening to this guy thinking "those dirty bastards, they're going to nail you anyway they can."  For every guy like me who does happen to look at his statement, (even though it's done rarely) there are thousands out there who don't.  And if I'm getting the lowest APR possible, what are the highest APR's?  There are people out there paying those rates.  Just like every other large bank, Chase has no problem screwing people over.  The bottom line is, Chase Sucks, almost literally, every penny they can from you.

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