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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ego at the Oscars - McConaughey fails

I like watching the Academy Awards.  For years I would host small parties where friends and I would gather around the TV rooting for our favorites and booing at those winners we didn't like.  Times have changed and I now I usually sit watching the awards nodding my head with approval when some deserving film wins awards.  Most of the time I enjoy listening to the winner's speeches since they actually do tell you a little bit about the person behind the performance.  This year, however, I was a little stunned by Matthew McConaughey's speech.

As I listened to the words fall out of his mouth, I couldn't help but wonder "is this guy for real?"  So I was not surprised the next day when others, writing about the awards, called it bizarre.  One said it was "pure McConaughey."

  I also started to see a lot of angst flying around the Internet because he had failed to mention AIDS, which soon turned to irritation and anger.  The LGBT community had supported this film from day one and he didn't even give them a nod.  First of all, those complainers need to understand he didn't accept the part in "Dallas Buyer's Club" because he was a great humanitarian who felt he needed to shine a bright light on the early days of the AIDS epidemic.  He took that role because he wanted to win an Oscar.  Why do you think he lost so much weight?  To bring realism to the part?  Hell no, he wanted to win an Oscar.  Unfortunately the LGBT community made the sad assumption he took on this role because his heart was in the right place.  They failed to understand this was all about ego and nothing else.  That was made perfectly clear in his "pure McConaughey" acceptance speech.

In fact, I suspect he has some serious ego issues and working with him is going to become very difficult.  It wouldn't surprise me if from now on, if it's not done his way, it doesn't get done... at all.

Aren't I just too precious?

Too often people take characteristics of their favorite actor's screen persona's and apply them to real life.  Quite a few, no doubt, have made the assumption Matthew McConaughey is an easy going guy in real life.  Me?  I think he's pretty self-centered.  If you're not with him, you're against him.  From what I've read, he's still good friends with Lance Armstrong, whose character is reprehensible at best.  You know what they say about birds of a feather?  They stick together.  Still, you would have thought he would have had enough sense to keep from rambling on about his 'old man' and 'light beer.'  He sounded too much like an actor who really doesn't give a shit about anything but himself.

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