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Friday, March 15, 2013

Why CPAC fails

CPAC ends today.  Who cares.  Except for a disillusioned minority, I don't think too many people even consider the event important.  There may be money sitting in that audience but this last election proved dollars can't buy the White House, believe me, they tried.  I believe Mitt Romney gets to speak today.   Woah, what's up with that?  Don't they realize if he hadn't gotten the racist vote from the south Obama would have crushed him like a bug?  Hell no.  The key to solving a problem is understanding it, however there seems to be a large disconnect there.  Like chain smokers who know they need to stop smoking, they keep lighting up.  I don't think their addiction is so much for party ideals as it is their hatred for the Democrats.  No matter how expensive those cigarettes cost, they're going to keep on buying them.  In 2012 that cost was in votes.  Because of this, candidates who are somewhat centrist need to chew up and spit out right wing red meat just to keep the crowd happy.  Rand Paul talked about a 'new Republican Party,' of course he's talking about converting them all to Libertarians.  Who invited him? They don't seem to understand the voting public is not going to suddenly flock to their closed minded approach.  So they sit in their chairs, like smokers, an ashtray filled with dead butts by their side, and they light up another. 

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