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Monday, January 7, 2013

It's not the workouts that'll kill you, just the other people in the gym!

I read an interesting article NBC News / Health concerning gym intimidation which actually made me chuckle.  True, there are those out there who have such terrible self-esteem when it comes to their physique, the idea of letting others see their bulges is terrifying.  Because my work requires a constantly changing schedule I do my workouts at home.  If, some day, I land a job where I can work 8 to 5 I'll be in the gym.  Personally I think this being intimidated is a bit of horse shit.  It gives slackers an excuse, an easy out.  Can't you hear them whining "I can't go to the gym because they might laugh at my fat belly bouncing up and down."  Give me a break!  If that were the problem they could be exercising at home, running on a treadmill, spending an hour and a half a day with P90X.  If they were doing that they wouldn't have a fat belly to bounce up and down.

There were two comments on the article, no more.  I took this as agreement to my position because there are alternatives to going to a gym.  If it has to be a gym, then go when it isn't full.  I took a walk through Planet Fitness one day around noon and was amazed at how empty the place was, seven or eight old people walking slowly on treadmills.  Believe me, they are more focused on keeping their balance then on how out of shape you are.  Or, better yet, get one of your friends to go with you.  I've always heard there is safety in numbers.  You can actually have a lot of fun if you go with a friend.

Look at the terror on their faces.

Of course there are always going to be those who steadfastly stand behind their hokey-pokey line of shit  "I'm just too embarrassed to go to the gym."  Translation:  I'm fat and a I'm going to stay fat. 

As for alternatives, they could take up jogging, not done in a gym, or mall walking, again not done in a gym, or cycling, or bowling.  If you can afford it by a piece of equipment.  I own a Sole 95 Elliptical.  I also have my bike on a trainer during the colder months of the year.  Dumbbells are not that expensive and you don't need a lot of intelligence to figure out how they work.  Of course buying it means using it.  I have a friend who once told me his parents had just about every piece of equipment manufactured in their basement gathering dust.  I suspect that a lot of these whiners have the same sort of stuff sitting around in their basements or attics.  The real problem for them is not the intimidation, it's the lack of ambition.

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