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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fox news silences Palin

As most people now know, Sarah Palin was dumped by Fox.  Wait, let me put that more delicately, her contract was not renewed.  Of course, it doesn't make a difference how it's said, the truth is she was no longer seen as an asset.  I'm sure three years ago when she was hired for her not too brilliant commentary Fox News could not comprehend how Obama, the nation's first black president might even come close to winning a second term.  I'm sure the executives there said to themselves, "this tootsie is going to be the icing on the cake."  Wrong.  They paid her three million dollars simply on an assumption.  What they truly should have done was to have revisited the McCain campaign and recognized how detrimental her presence had been.  She turned off quite a few women voters, that select group she was supposed to welcome in to the Republican Brood.  While the campaign was run poorly, Palin did very little to help it.  In fact, it seemed as though every time she gave an interview a turd fell out of her mouth.  She wanted to go rogue with out knowing the definition of the word.  Americans want a stable government, not one that's goes rogue when it doesn't get its way.

Pretty but not that smart

She speaks about family values, yet her children can't seem to stay married.  Image is very important in politics, it's more then standing on stage behind a microphone and looking pretty.  Being successful is very difficult when your family is a star of the tabloids.  I understand she said, of her future, there will always be people who want to hear her message.  Does she understand speaking to a crowd of seven can be a little disheartening.  The truth of the matter is she was the Flavor of the Month who lasted a little longer then most.  Now, what she needs to do is disappear completely and not leave a bad taste in the GOP's mouth.

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