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Monday, June 6, 2022

X - the Unknown

 A busy Monday has arrived.  Not only do I get to go to work this afternoon, but this morning also I will be driving down to the Lebanon VA for a test.  Because a long, long time ago I used to be a smoker, they now do a CAT scan of my chest yearly nothing is budding in my lungs.  I have no problem with this whatsoever.  My dad died of lung cancer; it is not a good way to end the last days of your life.

The flooring department was hopping yesterday, mostly because after 1 PM I was the only one in the department.  Not a lot of issues.  But questions.  I designed blinds for several customers, changed the color of carpet for another, and signed up 2 customers for measures.  My managers should be happy.

In a fit of what you might call whimsy, I ordered a Blu-ray copy of one of the films that scared the crap out of me when I was a kid because those minutes of cowering behind my hand standout in all of my youthful memories.  In my pre--teen years, the Academy Theater in Lebanon would do Saturday matinees of movies from the 50s.  From all of those movies I saw, 2 stand out:  The Creature from the Black Lagoon, which I found really terrifying, and X-the Unknown, in which, while I knew the radiation was never going to kill, I thought the suspense truly might.  Anyway, I bought the disc.  Here's the trailer for those of you bold enough to watch it.

I saw where Louie Gohmert is continuing to get a mountain of shit for his "you can't lie to the FBI line." The idea that people actually voted this man into public office is appalling.  I wonder if they find him embarrassing, or if they simply shake their heads and chuckle "well, that's our Louie."  If that's the case, they really should avoid polling booths at all costs.

As for other political news, the weekend was rather quiet.  The UK's BoJo has some trouble brewing up today.  A vote of no confidence might pass because... you see, this buffoon enacted a serious Covid lockdown, and then members of his party... partied, behind doors... and got caught.  Ouch.  For those who don't know, Boris Johnson is the UKs version of mini-Trump.  He's the one who pushed Brexit, telling Briton's life would be Chim, Chim, Cheree happy.  It isn't.  BoJo deserves everything he gets.

I'm wondering, will the Prime-Time January 6 hearings get higher ratings than Amber and Johnny?


  1. Scary movie? No so much. 😅
    Well, Louie is from Texas so that explains Louie.
    And Boris has been an effing mess for so long he shouldn't be surprised by this.

    1. And very shortly Louie will be leaving the limelight.

  2. OMG love scary movies from the fifties!!
    And one of my fav movies is The Creature. All those men is swimming suits! And the Beauty/ Beast thing!
    Louie IS the GOP: saying the quiet thing out loud. I hope they read BoJo for FILTH. Ugh. Can't deal with him.


    1. Those 50s movies were great! Louis is one of the great assholes of the world.

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