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Friday, June 10, 2022

And then there was Liz

 And so, my 2nd weekend of the week begins.  The weather is sunny.  No rain is expected today.  The forecast for tomorrow is not so good.  Rain is expected.  And on Sunday as well, though I'll be working so it's not going to bother me.

My new printer should be arriving today.  This is a good thing.  The one still works, somewhat, so I'm probably going to keep using it for odd things until the toner cartridges are empty.  While we all wish our 'electronics' would last forever, they don't.  The yellow Samsung gaming laptop I bought, again, quite a number of years ago (9 to be precise), is having problems with its HDMI port.  This is the laptop I have attached to the big screen TV and is used for my Tacx rides.  There are workarounds, however.  

And, of course, last night was the first Prime-Time hearing of the January 6 committee.  I spent some time looking for any kind of ratings information, none was available.  I did find a lot of commentary regarding Fox's continued attempt to foist The Big Lie on its viewers.  Someone pointed out that Tucker Carlson did the first 60 minutes of his show without a commercial break, indicating Fox is so desperate they were willing to lose money.

As for the hearings, I watched them.  I was impressed by so very much.  America got to watch and hear Billy Barr say the election lies were "bullshit."   I thought the juxtaposition of Trump's speech with the clips of the mob breaking into the capital buildings quite compelling.  I was impressed with Liz Cheney; she no doubt made her dad proud last evening.  Her comment to Republicans on how someday Trump will be gone, but their dishonor will always remain was stupendous.  I got a real chortle when she mentioned that Scott Perry, a Republican from Pennsylvania, had, after January 6, requested a pardon from Trump.  His spokesperson quickly called that comment ludicrous, however, she wouldn't have made it without proof.  The testimony by the documentarian was fascinating, pointing out for the first time how The Proud Boys and The Oath Keepers were working in conjunction with each other.  The police officer's testimony was riveting as she compared the insurrection to a warzone.  

Last night's hearing is not going to change the minds of those who turned to Fox, it was never intended to.  It was for the vast majority of Americans, Democrat, Centrist, Independent, and level-headed Republicans, many of whom are just beginning to realize that the party of Trump has morphed into something that is craven for power.  Conservatives don't want to make America great; they just want to dictate how the rest of America lives its lives.


  1. Liz let them HAVE IT. And I'm here for it. These hearings are terribly damaging for the Repugs, for Faux News and for Cheeto. He was LIVID this morning, going on Truth Social on and on about how everything was lies and the such. For someone who 'did not watch', he knew too much.
    I strongly recommend that everybody watches these hearings. Every American should be glued to their TVs when this is going on.


    P.S. Google is being a little brat.

    1. Liz's comment about 'Trump will be gone but your dishonor will remain forever is all over social media.' Keep in mind, last night was only the appetizer.

  2. Not to mention Ivanka, who we now know has pissed off Daddy so much that he referred to her in a statement as "Ivanka T___p" and called her "checked out."
    Then I learned today that she has been seen with daddy in well over a year.

    1. I'm rather enjoying watching them getting knocked and smacked around. Not that they'll learn anything.

  3. I have no problem admitting I like Liz Cheney. She is gonna nail many an ass to the wall yet.

    I just hope the dump is held accountable soon. At this rate I might be a skeleton.

    1. Don't expect it to be next week. Remember, the midterms are not until November and there will several gut punches to the GOP before then. Even midterms can have a November surprise.