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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

In praise of Episodic TV, and other things.

Wednesday!  That's for those who don't have a calendar.  I have one hanging on the wall next to my desk.

Yesterday the temps here hit 95 (F).  We usually get that hot in July, and at times even hotter.  Thanks to all of the rain everything is lush and green.  For those who don't know, green is one of my favorite colors.  I spent a lot of time outside in the heat, mowing the lawn, spraying the hell out of those little bugs I talked about yesterday, and yes, they are spotted lantern fly nymphs.  Rather than go the insecticide route, I went au Naturale, and no, that doesn't mean I was running around naked.  Vinegar kills lantern fly nymphs.  Vinegar is fine, though there was a bit of a back breeze now and then so when I finely came back into the house, I smelt a bit like a fresh garden salad. 

I watched episode 4 of Star Trek, Strange New Worlds last evening.  That show is damn good.  I understand it's a hit, probably because it's episodic. Part of the problem with a series that is dependent upon a story arc is that everything needs to relate.  Minor characters may have mini arcs, but they are never prioritized and too often come across as simple filler to cover a 50-minute time slot.  Being episodic, this show lets writers bang out individualized scripts that do not need to depend upon continuity.  

  I also watched the first 2 episodes of the Obi-Wan series on Disney.  That show is okay.  Where The Mandalorian and a baby Yoda, this series has a little Leia.  In a few weeks, after a few more episodes have aired, I'll probably buy a bottle of wine and catch up.

Knowing that my roses are on the verge of dropping their petals, I snapped a pic to brighten the day.

I saw this article in The Hill yesterday and thought, this is something the Republican party never expected.  You know some of them are scratching their heads wondering how abortion rights and gun control could affect the midterm elections.  You have to remember, for Republicans it is all about the money.  They truly believe that a majority of Americans are more concerned about how thick their wallet is rather than children being slaughtered.  In their minds, women should have no problem being considered vessels, or baby banks, or whatever term they feel is appropriate.  For Republicans, it is now, and will always be about the money.  They will never work to help fix the problem if they see the problem as the means of putting themselves back in power.  Why investigate price gouging by Big Oil when it can help them in the midterms?  Baby formula shortage?  They see that as an asset even if newborns need to suffer.  Financially hurting families is a good thing if it leads to their being able to say, "Shut up, we're in charge."   Their economic ineptitude is the reason we have these problems.  So, the idea that Americans might vote for something other than the economy is downright alien to the GOP.  Will they learn from the midterms?  Absolutely not.  They are just like the moral degenerate the venerated and so will lie and cheat rather than attempt to understand failure.


  1. Oh, You know the Repugs will never do anything that does not give THEM money and power. They'll kill their constituents if that makes the Dems look bad.
    Love the roses!
    Oh, and Blogger does not let me comment using my google. Ugh.


    1. Thanks to Covid, they're killing themselves. That's odd about Blogger, since it is Google.

  2. I watched the new season of Stanger Things. They do good with a large ensemble casts.

    1. I tried watching that when it started and couldn't get into it.

  3. Make the Midterms all about the war on women and the murder of innocent children.