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Sunday, February 28, 2021

CPAC prepares for the Impact

 Today is Sunday.   Today is also the last day of February.  Tomorrow I get to flip my Red Hot Calendar and see what March looks like.  Today is also a day off for me.  I do not have a lot planned, except for editing, going to my local Giant, and a few loads of laundry.  

I did sleep in because today is Sunday, my day off, and because I stayed up late watching a disaster film called Greenland.  I liked it.  Unlike Armageddon, where Bruce Willis saves the day, the happy ending here is just surviving.  This is not like other disaster movies.  There are no funny bits.  Gerard Butler gives a credible performance as a man trying to save his family.  It's worth the rental cost.

Yesterday was very busy at the store, until around late afternoon.  Then things began to slow down.  Saturday nights, like Sunday afternoons, are normally not that busy.  Things are slowly spinning back into what will be our normal routine.  I wouldn't be surprised if masks become part of our normal routine, especially since they almost totally eliminated the flu season.  Wearing a mask during certain times of the year appears to be the logical response in preventive medicine.

CPAC ends today.  For years the event was nothing more than a far right event where participants angrily spat out their shrill little prayers of anger.  Then 45 managed to get elected through the Electoral College began growing louder.  Rush Limbaugh, a fat racist with thin skin, cheered on their bitter craving for control.  And then Trump to center stage and the Republican party gurgled and bowed to their desperate, wannabe, tin foil dictator.  This year they celebrate his presence with a golden statue made of cheap fiberglass and spray paint.  Participants see him as a great comet ascending the heavens.  In reality, he is the party killer.  There is no hope for Republicans, no bunker in Greenland.  The louder he is, the more devastating his impact will be on the GOP.  Good.


  1. "Gerard Butler gives a credible performance"

    Well, that made me giggle! =)

  2. glad limberger is gone this year. the shitshow that is CPAC climaxes this afternoon with the fat golden calf basking in the adoration of his deplorable minions.

  3. I think you're right about masks becoming a more permanent part of our lives. Well if it stops the flu from spreading it wouldn't be such a bad thing would it. As for CPAC - well I just can't!

    1. There was a bit of a stigma at first, but now most people just pop one on when they come into the store.