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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Old and New

 I can't think of a better way to say this then to blurt it out.  I go back to work today!

I've already taken my temp 96.6 (F).  This means that when I give you the cold shoulder, I give you the cold shoulder.  And, I've done my health check.  No, I don't have Covid.  I do know when I get there I will find lots, and lots of candy, which means once again I'll working on my inverted hour glass figure.

This morning, I also stepped on the scale for the first time since I began my little staycation.  Up 3 pounds.  No matter how many times I tell myself I cook without calories, my little scale always proves that to be false.

Last evening I ordered myself a  new computer desk.  Nothing fancy.  Not like my writing desk downstairs.  At present, I'm using my grandmother's old make-up table, which means it's very old.  There used to be a mirror attached to the back, however that disappeared long before I took ownership.  For those who don't know, Riding On gets written upstairs on my Cyberpower gaming PC, which is also where I pay my bills, and play some of my games, as well as read the news feeds I get.

Old Desk

The writing of the books, my taxes, my language courses, and odds and ends are done on my new desk downstairs.

New Desk

And, of course, the impeachment came to an end yesterday.  The dead Republican Party, or at least most of them, have chosen to bury themselves with their wannabe tinfoil dictator.  McConnell voted to acquit: he said he though the procedure was unconstitutional, but then he ripped Trump a new asshole, proving he has neither a chin nor a spine, only a bony thistle he calls a heart.  This is really all about power.  Those choosing to nail their souls to the failed president only see the 74.2 million votes he received.  The fact that moderates and independent voters are running for the hills doesn't make it into their rivaled little consciousness.  They are guilty of the same old shit they've been charged with before.  And get ready.  They're going to get crazier as they continually move towards their own extinction.


  1. mcturtle wants the states to convict the dump; congress has no guts. both our senators voted to convict.

    1. The states can file criminal charges, the Senate can't

  2. This first part of Trumpism was the dress rehearsal. That fat fuck is going to mobilize his little racist crowd and be back for more violence and revenge. Abd Lady G as already said if the house goes back to the R's their impeaching Harris LOL!!!!! On what grounds? She hasn't done anything. 2024 is gonna be ugly.

    1. Nope, the GOP is in the process of regionalizing again hoping to survive... they're going to fail.