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Friday, February 12, 2021

The Power of Love

 Well, yesterday was quiet.  Today will hopefully be the same.  We had a bit of snow, easily shoveled.  My car was cleared off and ready to go... and I went no where.  No need.  Believe me, it's nice not to have a required destination point.  

The weather today is supposed to be cold.  If the forecasters are right, we should top off at around 29 (F) which is below 0 for all you people using Celsius. Tomorrow, we're not supposed to expect warmer temps.  It's not until Sunday that our thermometer is going to once again rise to 40 (F).

By the way, Sunday, the day I return to the Specialist grind, is Valentines Day.  Translation:  there will be boodles of candy waiting for me at the store.  Candy can be good.  I don't buy it, so the only time comes my way is when someone else buys, or provides.  

As for it being Valentines Day?  I am not now, nor have I ever been a romantic person.  For adults, valentines gifts between each other tend to be a prelude to a fun night between the sheets.  The need for some to celebrate that by having a 'special' day doesn't make sense, as if that were the only day in which you're allowed to show your feelings.

Anyway, the Kaiser Chiefs have released a cover of The Power of Love to celebrate this one day, which is, I suppose, their way of intimating they'd like to have sex with each and every one of you.

And I the Democrats wrapped up their Impeachment charges yesterday.  They warned the country our failed president might try again to steal an election, might incite a riot.  Their problem is that it wasn't just him, it's most of the Republican Party.  For them, Make America Great means Make America White.  They are trying to stop the forces of nature.  The world is changing.  America is changing.  They are desperately hanging on to the vestiges of a belief system which denies science.  They hate science.  They hate the fact that time will mute their voice eternally.  Even though many Republicans would love to screw you over, they, themselves, will never know The Power of Love.


  1. He won't be convicted by the US Senate because there isn't a fully developed spine in the GQP.

    1. To convict would make them complicit, though I do not doubt many feel the trial will forever keep him out of politics.

  2. Replies
    1. Maybe if it ws a paid holiday I might get excited, otherwise? Nah.

  3. Oh, Valentine's! To tell you the truth after a lot of chocolate and champagne all I wanna do is sleep. My sugar levels crash and I'm really not in the mood for romance.
    I do send Valentine messages to my friends, though. THEY have been with me for twenty years or more.
    The Kaiser Chiefs! Ohhh
    And you know the Repugs will do nothing. Cruz and Lady G were in a meeting with Cheeto's lawyers yesterday. And everybody knew. It's that blatant. They will never convict IMPOTUS.
    I despise Cheeto and the Repugs who support him.


    1. The truth is, they have no idea how to handle this situation, so they're going to try and act like it never really happened.

  4. I loved Valentines as a kid in school. Where we'd make those little boxes and decorate them. I usually send a few cards out just to make someone's day and the novelty it brings of yesteryear, but that's about it. When I'm dating, I might have cooked a special dinner, but's that was the extent.

    1. It has definitely become one of those Hallmark Holidays, hasn't it?