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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cover this Up

Okay, so it's Saturday.  I work today.  I woke thinking I had the day off, however, as I turned off the alarm and looked at my calendar I realized I was wrong.  They're forecasting rain and showers tonight into to tomorrow afternoon.  Figures, doesn't it.... I don't work.
I understand the Idiot Jerk in the White House has sent a 'want ad' to quite a few sanitariums in the deep south.  He's looking for a white, pathological liar to take over for Sarah (she who speaks with forked tongue) Sanders Fuckleberry.  I wonder if Roy Moore's going to apply, just so he can wave the Ten Commandments as he lies.
I saw where a detective down in Tennessee, who's also a Crazy Christian, is having his cases reviewed.  You see, he preaches about hating the gays.  His name is Grayson Fritts.  He has his own Baptist Church, of course, and claims to be "just preaching the Bible;" make that selectively teaching the bits he's cherry picked, the one's he believes legitimize his hatred.  In case you're wondering, he preached something about "gays being worthy of death."  I suspect he needs to be institutionalized.
When I decided to start self-publishing I put a lot of thought into what I want for cover-art.  Many books today use either a photograph or a collage of photo images for cover-art, except for romance novels which rely on romantic images of long-haired men without shirts.  I didn't want that.  No pictures for me. I work with a woman (I used to be her boss at one time) who's very talented.  She runs her own cake decorating business.  Right now she's painting a mural for a school.  I asked her one day if she'd like to do the cover-art.  She gave me one of those "what the hell are you talking about" looks.  I explained that for The Body on the Lawn I wanted readers to see Carlotta Valdez walking to her death.  Cori suddenly smiled and said "yeah, I can do that."
With The Body in the Tower I said "how about bullet holes?"  We talked about what should be depicted inside them.  I suspect she would have liked to include something from the catacombs, but there's no light.  As Florien says "it is very black where we are going."  At one point she asked "do you want blood around the crashed bicycle?"  I said "no," but she did put in a crushed water bottle. It was her idea to have the background go from yellow to blood red.  I liked that.  Such a nice touch for a murder mystery, action thriller.
With all this being said, I'd like you to meet Cori, the artist behind the covers.

I told her I had already started work on The Body in the Well and she said "give me at least a year."  I think 8 months is more realistic.  And, in case you are wonder, both books are available at Amazon.


  1. I'm glad she's out. He's just replace her with more evil so it won't matter much. But at least we don't have to see that gravy ridden face anymore. I hear she wants to follow her fathers foot steps.