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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Aladdin... and other stuff

Today is Wednesday and it's my 'get to go back to work for pay day.'  I'm not excited at all. The idea of working for 5 days, having 1 day off and then working for another 5 days just isn't tickling my fancy.
I went to see "Aladdin" last night.  I had the same problem with the live version that I had with the animated version.  While the first 15 - 20 minutes are interesting, the fun doesn't start until the genie makes his appearance.  This is my way of saying Will Smith does a really good job, and he is really blue... most of the time.  In the animated film "Never had a Friend like Me" is entertaining, in the life action film it is a fully blown showstopper.  The film takes on a whole new dynamic once his lamp gets rubbed.  Also, hats off to Disney for using a cast which is of middle eastern decent.  Sadly, it seems as though only genies get to take their shirts off.

In case you missed it, the Idiot Jerk in the White House held his kick-off rally last night.  His campaign slogan is "Keep America Great" and he was surrounded by white people wearing MAGA hats.  I'd have posted a picture but I don't think my security software could handle all of that corrupt data.  The last thing I want is for an image of him to crash my expensive gaming PC.
After over a month, I've finally gotten back on my bike, yesterday for over 5 miles.  I've been riding the CBTT Concord.  That's actually the Charlie Baker Time Trial for Concord.  There are some nice little hills which give the legs a good stretch.

The only thing odd is that the ride was filmed (that's right, on my monitor it actually looks like I'm pedaling down the street) in the late fall or late winter since there are no leaves on the trees.  That must have been one cool ride.  Once I get this nailed, I might try the ride around Red Rocks Amphitheater just to see what that looks like.


  1. I don't know anyone who watched last night's shitshow in the betsy devos arena. and the pix I saw on were all white assholes in red hats.

    and apparently he still thinks he's running against hillary. ONE AND DONE!

    1. @AM
      Right? He mentioned Hillary more than anyone else. He's completely gone off the rails.

      PS I can't with Will Smith. Never ever.

    2. For years they spent all their energy hating Hillary... and now he sounds like a broken record

  2. Cheeto is obsessed with the woman who bested him. It’s simple. And all those MAGAts looked like they’ve married each other’s siblings. And KAG? More like KKK.
    I think I can take Will Smith sometimes. Sometimes he gets to me. Glad they casted actors that fit the characters, tho.
    And tier bike ride sounds interesting. I sometimes do the elliptical but I have to listen to music cause it gets really boring.


    1. I always listen to music, on the elliptical it's always something with a good 4/4 beat... on the bike, where you deal with hills and valleys it tends to be.... country.

    2. Haha of course!
      But I can listen to House music while peeling potatoes, so... 😉