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Friday, March 24, 2017

The Ultimatum

For those who don't know, the Idiot in the White House has issued an Ultimatum, sign the shitty legislation which most people will call Trumpcare, or else it's a dead subject.  I find this almost hysterical.  The "Do Nothing" party is being told to do something.  The problems with this are multi-fold.  For some the bill doesn't go far enough, some know think it goes to far, others realize that if they cave now they will lose all credibility as a governing body. And, I suspect, most of them know the end result of passing this legislation will allow the Idiot in the White House  to say that "he" ended Obamacare.  In fact, that is the only reason he's given his Ultimatum.  He doesn't care about the American People, about Health Care, about insurance and insurance coverage.  All he's interested in is feeding his ego.  The "Do Nothing" party created this monster with their years of hate mongering and now he's sticking them with their only little knives.
This is a minority party that consistently proves it should never be in a leadership position, have leadership responsibilities simply because they have no idea how to hold themselves accountable.

They like to call themselves the party of Lincoln, but honest Abe would never shit on the American People the way this "Do Nothing" party does.  This party has declared war on main stream America, attacking anything and everything and anyone who objects, who wants to clarify and make these haters more transparent.  And the Idiot in the White House has given this bunch of greedy hucksters an Ultimatum; he wants to be Hukster in Chief.  So, will they cave, or will the stand their ground?  This is the GOP failing in a very, very public way.  Good for them.  Let them eat turd cakes for a while.


  1. What i find interesting is that through his entire campaign, and into the White House, he has called the AC an utter disaster, but now, if he can't get the votes, he's gonna let it stand?

    1. He was practicing an illegal act called extortion of