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Thursday, March 23, 2017

So, will his head explode?

He being the Idiot in the White House.  You see, sometime today the House of Representatives is going to vote on the legislation that will repeal and replace the ACA.  They're doing it today because the Idiot made a campaign pledge to his Trumplodite hoards.  Just about everybody, including some of those voting, has pretty much said this bill is a legislative cluster f**kover for the American people.  Of course, the Idiot in the White House doesn't care about the American People.  He doesn't care about their opinions, or what they want, or what they feel they need.  Neither do a lot of Republicans.  The idea that some of their tax money might be helping someone pay for health care makes their blood boil.  We're talking about THEIR tax money, those cheap sacks of shit.
Unfortunately for some, their own political careers are at stake.  Constituents over and over again, all over the country, have been telling their representatives how much they hate this legislation.  The question of the hour is, will they listen to those whom they are supposed to represent, or to the Idiot in the White House, who really only wants to boast that he killed the ACA?  They also know how much he lies.
Many of those voting today were behind the Dump Trump campaign that failed.  Well, here's their chance.  Give him what he wants and probably kill their own political careers, or make his head explode.

Actually, I suspect, the better question might be:  are they going to be spineless and cave, or discover that they have actually grown a pair over night? 
And don't forget that dandy Randy Paul, who's trying to bolster his own conservative cred by cheering on the 'nay sayers.'  
In the end, it wouldn't surprise me if this kettle of worms gets pushed to one of the back burners where with the other GOP pots of shit where it can simmer for years.


  1. my rep (Brendan Boyle, D) is voting NO; he KNOWS this bill is a POS. AND he KNOWS that his constituents are AGAINST the dump and this POS bill.

    I hope the dump's head explodes!

    1. The 'do nothing party" does nothing... again.

  2. Looks like we now know that _____ is not getting his way; cue TwitRage.

    1. I hope they didn't take his phone in order to ruin the fun.