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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snow, Weis, & Andromeda

Here in Harrisburg we got between 18" and 20" of snow which will, because we're zooming into spring, be gone shortly.  Today the temp is supposed to go up to 36 (F) and tomorrow hit the mid 40's with drizzling rain.  Tammy, the UPS driver who lives across the street, let me use her snow blower.  Because the snow was so deep and wet, however, ended up being more work than simply shoveling it; the wheels spun uselessly and you had to keep lifting it up and pulling it back in order to get traction.  Call it a lesson learned in futility.  Call me odd, but I don't mind shoveling snow.  I'm in shape.  I tell people it's free cardio and they look at me strangely.
I sent an email complaint to the Corporate Offices of our new Weis Market - their point system doesn't work for me.  You only get gas points if your purchase total is $50 or greater.  That only happens when I buy the big bags of dog food.  Because I eat a lot fresh fruits and vegetables which don't have a long shelf life, I usually shop twice a week.  And I'm not alone.  A lot of seniors use a trip to the grocery store to get out of the house, my Mom did that, and they never spend $50.  Or, if you stop off on your way home from work to buy dinner... no points are earned.  So, I sent them a complaint.  If there's something you don't like, complain, silence gets you nothing.

And next Tuesday, Mass Effect Andromeda will be arriving in my mail box.  I had originally request off but, as luck would have it, that's our inventory day.  However, instead of working my standard shift, I'm scheduled 7 - 4 so I can run reports, which means I won't be able to pop it into my X-Box Slim until around 4:30... but that's okay.  I'm off on Wednesday.  Ain't life grand!


  1. we don't have the gas pumps; we get free food instead or $$$ off our total bill at weis. and when you write to them they DO listen!

    1. They give us .10 off gas, but you need to spend $50 at a shot. I shop 3 times a week and never spend that much; fresh fruits and veggies don't stay fresh for long.