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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Here comes the Sun

 So, my alarm clock went off this morning at it's usual 0530 time and I turned it off, rolled over, and went back to sleep.  Happily, when I did finally roust myself from bed, I opened the drapes and sunlight poured into the room like a warm wave rushing to shore in the Gulf of Mexico.  That was a bit ago.  It's still sunny, somewhat, though clouds are moving in, and it's still cold, around 18 (F), which is really nippy for those of you using Celsius.

Oh, and it's gotten windy, so all of that fine, powdery snow we've gotten over the past few days is blowing all over the place, and all of that shoveling my neighbors did yesterday is all for naut.  I will take a shovel out shortly and clear a path, the operative word being clear.  Tomorrow the temps are supposed to climb up into the mid 30s (F), Sunday they'll hit the 40s (F) and rain is expected on Tuesday.

And I do get to work this afternoon.  Will it be busy?  I have no idea.  Those who are adapting to the cold will be out, but I suspect many others will stay warm and cozy in their homes and any outside expeditions will mostly be for essential, except for younger people.  They seem to have fewer problems when it comes to facing the elements then their seniors.  

I plan on making Moroccan chicken to eat for the next few days, spicy.  I like spicy.  Too many Americans have trained their mouths to avoid anything that makes their tongues tingle.  Back when I was at the paint desk, I remember a mother warning her daughter about a peppermint candy.  We had a bowl of wrapped candies and the little girl wanted one and her mother asked, "are you sure?  It's spicy."  And I couldn't help but think, hell, it's peppermint, if she thinks that's spicy, then she's doomed to eat bland foods like boiled potatoes and rice for the rest of her life.

And here's a picture of the sunshine.  Bask in it.

And there's a lot of noise being made about Fanni Willis and the prosecutor assigned to the election fraud cases down in Georgia.  I usually push things like this aside because they're always tend to be political in nature.  Today I read a bit, and it seems as the the soon-to-be ex-wife of the prosecutor is behind many of the allegations.  Their divorce is pending, and from what I've seen, she seems to be one of those women who holds a bitter grudge for eternity.  She's going to make him pay, even if it means helping Trump cheat the system.  I don't understand how some people can be so selfish.


  1. 26 degrees for me this morning. But next week supposed to be 70! can't wait.

    1. Wow! next week they're predicting we'll be back in the 40s (F)

  2. There used to be a very good programme in the UK called The Kumars at No. 45 (or something like that). Brits were always known for having a night on the booze and then going out for an Indian curry and asking for the spiciest (sp?) thing they had at the restaurant. One episode of the Kumars had them going to a Brit restaurant and asking for the "blandest, blandest thing you have - and a cup of tea"! I thought it was brilliant!

    1. When I was younger, many, many years ago, after a night out, we usually ended up going to an all night restaurant and ordering breakfast at 0300. No matter which restaurant we went to, it was always filled people getting something to eat after the bars closed.