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Saturday, January 27, 2024

$83 million.

 Hello Sunshine.  Yep, glorious sunshine is pouring through my window.  The outside temps are 45 (F).  I know, that's difficult to believe since we are heading into the heart of winter.  The long range forecast has daytime highs sitting in the comfortable 40s (F), sometimes a few degrees warmer, sometimes a few degrees colder.  So far, this winter is a replay of last year's winter... and the year before that.  

Yesterday, I grouted.  I also realized I'm going to need to pull the stove front and tile a small section behind it.  If you enter the kitchen from the dining room and look sharply to the left, past the coffeemaker, there is a small, 4 inch by 6 inch section that's going to need to be tiled.  No problem.  But not today.  I work today, and before that I want to get a ride in.

The rest of yesterday was odd.  Too overcast.  I needed to clean the one tank and didn't.  No time on the treadmill.  No free weights.  Nothing.  I'm blaming my neighbor.  She likes to turn her music up when she cleans, and though it's not nearly as loud as it was that first time, there is a two hour time period where there is a background buzz of bass and drums that I find very distracting.  I'd complain, but it's only once a week, if it were more often, or loud enough to rattle my windows as it was the first time she cleaned, I'd be knocking on her door.

As I've said, I'm making lots of notes on the next book, The Body in History, and a new character has joined my cast, Naomi Potts, an poetess from Cambridge.  Does this mean there might be several stanzas of hexameter poetry?  Hhhmmm, could be.

And then, of course, yesterday this happened:

Of course, Trump Tower has not had a name change... yet. Something I noted:  it didn't take the jury long to decide on the amount.  Another thing:  I actually listened to a few moments of comment by his attorney Habba and realized she lies as much as he does.  I find it interesting that she was treating this penalty phase as though it were the trial itself.  It's not that she's that stupid, she just realizes that the words penalty phase contain too many syllables for Trump's cultists to understand.  It's also my understanding that in order to appeal the judgement, he needs to put up the full $83 million until the appeal process is complete, or get a bail bondsman to cover it.  Here's the rub with using a bail bondsman:  Trump needs to put down 10%, and if he loses his appeal, the bondsman will have to cover the entire $83 million should the Orange Anus choose not to pay.  Ouch!  Trump's history on reneging is etched in stone.  Can you hear me laughing?


  1. She grabbed HIM by the wallet!
    And watching his "lawyer" have a hissy fit meltdown after the verdict was the height of hilarity!

    1. I honestly don't think he has a wallet, just debt. And she was hilarious! Trained parrots show far more intelligence then she did.

  2. And Trump and his attorneys get away with their shit-show antics in court.
    Anyone else would be in jail. :(

    1. Sadly for Habba, her and her boss's antics seem destined to reviewed by the New York Bar Association and she quite possibly will lose her license to practice law in New York

  3. I LOVED IT!!! I'll bet there was ketchup EVERYWHERE! Lol.

  4. I envy your obvious happiness at sunshine
    I so need it

  5. Happiness? Or Sunshine. I love them both!