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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Where's the Ginger?

 Oh, my gosh, it's St. Paddy's Day... or is it Patty's Day?  Since I don't want to offend anyone, maybe I should ask if it's St Patti's day.  For many, today is just the celebration of the fact that they will most likely wake with a hangover tomorrow.  There's a price for everything.  Me?  I've never been a huge celebrant of St. Patrick which is odd since I'm part Irish.  That's right.  On my mother's side.  I don't know when precisely Solly Granger came to America, but for some reason he settled in the tiny, Pennsylvania town of Pine Grove.  Oh, and according to my brother, Solly had bright ginger hair.  That's right, it runs in my family.  Ginger.  But I didn't get any. Don't believe me?  Here's an old, old pic I scanned just the slightest bit of because... well, I think that's obvious.

I get to go back to work today.  Can you feel my excitement?  Maybe it's the idea that I get to work 5 days in a row, have off one single day, and then get to work for another 5.  If you think I'm anything but hyper-stoked, you're correct.  I do have some vacation time coming up in about a month.

And here's a shocker... Loser #45 has, on Fox News, recommended that people get the vaccine.  "Even people who voted for me," he said.  That says quite a lot about his stupid base.

Oh, and how amazing is it that the Russkies were trying to get him re-elected.  He was their ace in the hole, the key to turning American into one of their satellite states.  I do believe most of us realized this.  Those that didn't were wearing tiny, red hats on their heads which squeezed the few brain cells they had into lump of lead.

Finally, Mitch McConnell's furious.  The Democrats might change the filibuster, not eliminate it, but adjust it... slightly.  He knows that without the filibuster, the Party of No is Nothing.


  1. Thing #45 is a fuckmonkey.
    Mitch McConnell is a fuckmonkey.
    The GQP deserves them both.

  2. Oh, Moscow Mitch was in a tizzy. I likes that. Hope the Dems don't give up.
    And Cheeto talked about the vaccine because it came out that he and the Mail Order Bride got it. And he loves to be in the spotlight and he wanted to dilute the news that Vlad tried to get him reelected.
    And that pic is too cute! So you're part Irish, huh?


    1. Their whole party is in a shrieking shit fit because so much dirt is coming out about them. Looks Moscow Mitch really is... Moscow Mitch.

  3. dumpyhead also said he respects anyone who doesn't want to get the vax - FUCKING STUPID OF HIM! the only way he will leave us alone is when he takes his eternal dirt nap.

    1. I really don't pay attention to what he says, my comment was just a headline grab.

  4. I think the filbuster thing is a mistake. If we do adjust it or change it, we must remember once were out of power, it can then be used against us Dems too. Republicans would be relentless...they already are. Something to think about!

    Now let's discuss that adorable little Irish face.......

  5. Aaahhh, I love those old black and white photos - although you could still be a ginger for all we can see!