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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Tasty Greek

 Today is going to be chock full of stuff, time consuming stuff, and hopefully fun (mostly) stuff.  

At 10:15 this morning I'm scheduled to get my 2nd shot.  That means driving 38 miles back to my home town of Lebanon.  I don't mind.  The sooner a majority of us get vaccinated, the safer things will be... and maybe we'll be able to legitimately cut back on wearing masks, unlike Texas and Mississippi which uncontrollably and prematurely ejaculated their mandates.  

Around 1300 this afternoon, I'm supposed to participate in a Zoom meeting with some of Navy Buddies.  It's been over 4 decades since we talked.  There were 2 small reunions on the west coast a few years back which I didn't attend.  None of us who live on the East Coast made the trip.  However, you can Zoom from anywhere in the country.  

And then this evening I'm going to the movies.  Now, won't that be nice.  

Yesterday, after one of my running jogs, I cooked up a Greek dish, chicken, peppers, and other veggies.  The recipe was for 4 servings, wrong.  This is going to be lunch for the next couple of days since I ended up with around 8 servings.  Believe me, it is very, very tasty!

I saw an interesting thing regarding America's worst president ever, that being he was going to continue his faux run for 2024.  Dumb shit MAGA's are sending him cash.  Oh, of course, those donations are going to super PAC he started, but since it's a personal PAC he has access to the funds.  That means he can write himself checks.  Yep, he can pay himself a salary.   For him, this is free cash.  And I do believe it is Tax Exempt since it is not considered earnings.  He's going to milk this faux run for as long as he can.  This man has never demonstrated one whit of integrity in his entire life, why should he start now?


  1. Well, while I find him Deplorable, if the MAGAts fall for his BS and send their hard-earned coins to him, sorry, not sorry.

    1. They deserve everything they get.

    2. I agree with Bob. I know it sounds insane for people like you and me to be sending money to that eejit but if they really are that stupid then so be it!

    3. They really are that stupid.

  2. SC just removed its mask mandate yesterday. notice it's all the red states that are being stoopid?

    we are seeing snow flurries outside. WTF?

    dumpyhead is pocketing the donated cash; everyone knows that. and the MAGAts don't care.

    1. It was flurrying like hell down at the VA clinic.

      And this is how the red states respond to Biden's Covid Efforts. 44% or Republicans are impressed, and that's not good for red states.