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Monday, March 29, 2021


 Good Morning!  Today's entry is made up of a variety of stuff mostly because this is my weekend, both Saturday and Sunday all wrapped up in one.  Today will be spent doing laundry, hanging a few bits of art upon the walls, and playing Valhalla.  Tomorrow it's back to work for another 5 days in a row.  Now, doesn't that sound simply wonderful?

We had a lot of rain yesterday, so heavy at times you could hear it pounding on the roof of the store and then, just before I left, the winds began blowing away the clouds.  Nice.  The Temps are cool now, and the breeziness is still here.

I watched the last episode this year's The Expanse last evening.  I thought the ending weak.  Most of the 10 episodes were building towards a war between the earthers and the belters... and that really didn't happen.  The proto-molecule was released (in case you're interested), which means Thomas Jane will return for next season.

Tom's the one in the hat

One of the bits of big news is that the big boat in the Suez is moving.

And isn't Debbie Birx spilling her heart out?  Every time I glanced at the media yesterday there was some headline about her, or a phone call from the Spawn of Satan, or how she felt she might actually help by staying silent, or some such nonsense.  

Of course, there were more shootings.  Virginia Beach this time, I believe.  They're happening too often.  A day doesn't pass without a shooting headline.  And the embattled NRA is silent.  This is what they wanted: daily shootouts.  

And finally, I saw that Biden's approval rating has hit 75% for his handling of the pandemic.  That will also translate into higher approval ratings in other areas.  Republicans hate this shit.  Perhaps if they hadn't chosen to embrace the fringe elements of society they might get more respect... nah, that'll never happen.  They're too desperate to dictate and control to ever consider changing.  They don't care how low their approval ratings go as long as they're in charge.


  1. the wind gusts were horrible overnight, and right now the sky is all sorts of weird blue.

    1. It's starting to cloud over and the winds have died down.

  2. Birx can fuck all the way off. She can take her silent complicity, wrap it in a scarf, and shove it all the way up her ass.
    Too harsh?
    Too bad.

  3. Miss Lindsey got a little bit of media time this weekend too re: automatic weapons in times of domestic turmoil. Moronic.

    1. Did she? He? Anything to squeeze a little attention from the media.

  4. I've always been curious about The Expanse. Well, it's all about Tomas Jane for me. But now I don't know if I should give it a try?
    And the Repugs opened their states to fuck up Uncle Joe's approval rating, but it may backfire. Well, backfire and fuck other states, but the well being of their constituents is not the first thing for the RepuQAnons.
    And Dr. Brix did NOT talk when she should have. Fuck her.


    1. The Republicans have always been so easy to corrupt, the problem this time is that the Spawn of Satan ripped off their masks.