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Monday, June 17, 2019

The Truth about Ratings

Okay, so it's Monday, the 2nd of my three days off in a row.  Yesterday it was supposed to be rainy... didn't happen, at least not over my house.  I got so much yard work done.  Today the weather is not going to be as accommodating.   I was surprised this morning to see Accuweather has us under a Flash Flood Watch... until tomorrow afternoon.  That sucks.
Yesterday, besides the lawn work, I also got a haircut and trimmed my mustache, just in case anybody was wondering.
Even Fox News is releasing polls which show the Idiot Jerk in the White House in trouble.   How accurate are these polls?  While not being spot on, they're closer than those used in the 2016 election.  Algorithms have been adjusted; now they incorporate fundamental questions skipped back then, like 'are you a middle-aged, white person who loves to run around wearing a MAGA hat?'  Of course, the GOP is using these polls to scare the shit out of his base.  They're terrified power is going to wrenched from his dirty, little fingers and he'll go into self-exile in Moscow.  They have reason to fear.  They have a moral degenerate in the White House who has no problem telling George Stephanopoulos he'd have no problem colluding with a foreign government if they offered him dirt on his political opponent.  This is a really, really bad replay of the Trump Tower meeting.  How much do you think that little turd did to his approval ratings?  It doesn't make a difference who the Democratic nominee is, that sound bite will air constantly up until the second the last polling station closes, and they know it.  Pardon my language, but this guy is a dumb as a fucking brick.
Speaking of ratings, if you buy The Body in the Tower, or have bought The Body on the Lawn, please go to Amazon and give it a rating.  They mean everything on Amazon.  No matter what people go to that Internet Retail Giant looking for, be it mystery suspense novel, or coffee maker, or headphones, the first thing they click on is the rating.  Customers like to buy something which has been rated 'good,' they don't like to gamble.
And finally, yesterday I received this comment:

Your book, "The Body In The Tower" is now part of the collection at The Stonewall National Museum And Archive.
I don't know who Anonymous is, but if this is true I do believe it's a bit of an honor.  Unfortunately, it was posted by an 'unknown person,' so I can't really thank him or her personally.  I don't even know how you put a book into this collection.  Anyway, whom ever you are... Thanks!!


  1. The polls do give an idea of how fucked the repugs are with Cheeto as their candidate. That’s why they push misinformation and voter suppression.
    And yes, ratings do count. I do have to read you!


    1. It must drive him crazy knowing most see him as a loser.

      Maybe I should offer a toaster oven to the reader who gives me the best review... just joking.

  2. I can't with polls because some say one thing and some say the exact opposite. The only good thing is that the negative ones irk him so.

    1. To be honest, I think that's what most of us look forward to, those that dig into his skin like porcupine thorns.


    1. I should probably check and see what "part of the collection" means, I guess.