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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Will Kim Davis' gay friends bite her in the ass?

Well, the Kim Davis story keeps getting more and more absurd.  I saw this in Towleroad, which is really rather funny.  Let's be honest, her whole shtick has gone from preposterous to ludicrous.  There are times when the things which pop out of her mouth make me think she might be pre-menopausal and dealing millions and millions of misfiring neurotransmitters... but then I come to my senses and realize that she's just nuts.  She says she doesn't want to quit her $80,000 a year job because she's good at it... except she's failing to do her job.  In fact, she wants the Kentucky legislature to alter her job description so she has even less to do.  One suspects the $80,000 is the real reason she doesn't want to quit it.
Then there's the crying jag she gets into if someone suggests God doesn't love her....  My brother is a Methodist minister.  He, his wife, and their five kids are very devout.  Were I to tell them that for some odd reason God didn't love them, they'd look at me oddly, so sure are they in their faith.  The same with Bill, one of my associates, who's borderline Krazy Kristian.  Not one would shed a tear because they are 'believers.'  Kim Davis, however, seems to get all blubbery and opts for the crocodile tears.  Raging hormones have that effect, or so I'm told.

   And then there are the gay friends, the ones who wanted a wedding license.  Where have they been all of this time?  Why didn't they stand beside her?  Why aren't they cheering her on?  If they don't come forward soon, people are going to start believing she's a lying sack of shit.  This woman wants to be a martyr, still no one's beaned her on the head with a rock yet, not that I think it would do any good.  What she is doing it trying to hide her bigotry behind religion, which makes her nothing more then a dirty hypocrite.  My friend Betsy, also very religious, says Kim Davis gives Christianity a bad name.  Unless her legal team can shake some gay friends out of her friendship tree soon, I suspect she'll lose her job when the Kentucky Legislature reconvenes.


  1. Off to google the whole story... New to me

  2. She's a fame-whoring phony Christian who has no friends, gay or straight.
    I am waiting for her fifteen minutes to be up.