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Monday, September 28, 2015

Immigration Flummax

Just saw an article in the NYT about immigrants coming into the US and wasn't surprised at all.  Just about every local and state governments, as well as our National leaders, jumped on board the Spanish train and published everything in both English and Spanish.  Retailers jumped into the mix too.  Now, according to the Pew Institute it looks as though the Spanish speakers are lagging behind.  It seems to be the Asians, (Chinese and Indians) who are immigrating in much larger numbers.  Oops.  Does this mean we're going to have to change all of those signs?


  1. And what about building a wall along both coasts???

    1. Well, I suppose that is a way we can solve unemployment and put every legal body to work

  2. One supposes that signs will soon be digital and thus more easily changed as needed to accommodate reality.