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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pope Francis aligns himself with an Anti-Gay Hate Group

By now, just about everybody with any interest knows this.  That's right, Kim and the Pope had a little meet and greet.  At first the Vatican was a little shy about the subject, but now they admit the meeting took place, however they're not talking about it.  Of course, they don't need to because Kim is... well, actually, it's the Liberty Council that's doing most of the talking, filling the media with quotes from Kim.  In fact the Liberty Council is waiting for pictures taken of Kim and the Pope.  Don't worry, we'll all see them plastered on T-shirts at their next Hate Rally, each bearing that smashing new slogan of hate:  Stay Strong!  Of course, they not only hate, they have no problem with lying.  It took them a while before they admitted this picture was horse shit an honest mistake.  One can only wonder if this is what convinced the Pope a secret meeting with Kim was important.

I can only wonder why no one told him how much hate the Liberty Council sponsors towards the LGBT community.  They are not just against Marriage Equality, that's just the tip of the iceberg to them.  If it were up to them we would have no rights what so ever.  They are, to use the Pope's own terminology, totally consumed with ideological Christianity.   In other words, they cherry pick those things they want to believe, those things they love, and those things they hate.  By having that few minute conversation with her, he aligned himself with them because she is one of theirs.  I'm surprised she wasn't wired to record the conversation... oh, maybe she was.  Wouldn't that be a joke on the Pope?  Or maybe it was her husband who was wearing the wire, since Kim evidently gave the Holy Father a hug.

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