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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The saga of stupid paint customers continues...

Well, we're now in 2015 - yippee!  The change in calendar year does not mean people buying paint have gotten any more intelligent.  Take yesterday, for example.  A woman comes to the paint desk with a detailed drawing of a living / room dining room she and her husband are going to paint.  She spreads it out on the counter and asks me how much paint she's going to need.  After looking at it carefully, I asked her how high her walls were.  Long seconds started passing as she pondered this evidently nearly impossible question.  Her eventual response was, "well, my husband is 6' 5"," which failed to answer the question entirely.  So I asked again "well, how high are your ceilings?"  At this point she stepped into aisle 6 and yelled for her husband.  When he joined us at the paint desk she asked him the same question.  He promptly stuck his hand up in the air, over his head, as though trying to touch the ceiling, and said "Gee, I don't know."

Sometimes I see this....
For those of you thinking of painting a room, know the height of your walls since that's what you're going to be painting.  Unless you're painting your floor, telling me your room is 10 x 10 tells me nothing.  We eventually decided their walls were between 8 and 9 feet high and I mixed their paint.  When it was sitting on the counter waiting for them to pick it up, this same woman comes back to me and asks if I've mixed their paint yet.  I pointed to the mixed paint on the counter.  She said "gee, I forgot to tell you about the big picture window and the large archway, they weren't in my drawing."


  1. Further proof that as a society we are getting collectively more stupid. lol

    Breathe in and breathe out. That's about all you can do. :-)

  2. I have friends working at HD. I've heard similar stories from them. Bless your heart for being kind to these idiots.